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  • October 29, 2015

It’s always fun to shoot something a little different.  So having just moved into a new studio and Nelia from Neila Hair and make-up asking me if I would shoot a “Day of the Dead” themed shoot I jumped at the chance.

The studio is still a bit thin on the ground at the moment with only one of my studio lights having survived the move, but I think we got some great photos. I’ve seen shoots like this done in the past and they have always looked a bit to “dark” for my liking, I wanted to make sure that the model still looked feminine, so we decided to soften the black eyes and add a bit more colour into the make-up.  I think that gave us a nice twist on the normal “sugar skull” look.

Thanks so much to Neila for the idea and Jen Faulks our great model for getting involved.

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  • November 10, 2014

Back in July, we enjoyed a trip down near St. Ives for a fashion shoot at a local stables. Despite an aggressive wind, the sun was bright and we managed to take some beautiful shots of our model and horse. Our friend Natasha, from Natasha Flower make-up, arranged the shoot, and County Cream provided the dress and veil.


When model and horse were suitably prepared, we trotted out to a quiet field in the hope of capturing some of the impact an equine guest can bring to Cornwall wedding photography. The weather was bright, but a strong wind made photography a challenge as our lighting umbrellas fought against the gusts. Thankfully we managed to work through the wind, and seal some fine images of the model and bridal-wear.

The wind wasn’t the only obstacle, however, and our trusty steed proved less than reliable. Fortune – and the stablemistress – eventually prevailed, and our horse ceased his charging and settled into more photogenic postures. Our patience was rewarded with some standout photographs of horse and rider set against the brilliant summer sky. Eventually we retreated into the stable barn, where the rustic wood interiors made an evocative backdrop for some darker shots, as the wedding dress stood contrast between the horses and haybales.

Finally it was time to leave, and we said farewell to our model, and to the stables. A memorable day’s shoot left us with some great photographs, and we were pleased to see Dotty Vintage Weddings magazine feature the photoshoot in their latest issue.



You can see more from Natasha Flower, including booking information for your own big day, over at

Find out more from Country Cream bridal wear at

You can find Dotty Vintage Weddings at, and even view the latest issue online here.


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  • November 3, 2014

September brought the joyful peal of more wedding bells. Will and Rachael were the happy couple, taking their vows in the fine parish church of St. Cleer, before the party moved to the Lanhydrock Hotel.

Both our bride and groom are teachers, and this wedding was a wonderful lesson on building a personal and complete wedding experience. The day started with promising weather – warm but not too bright – ideal for Cornwall wedding photography. As Rachael prepared at her parents’ house, our work began: capturing every moment – from dress to dance.

Will and Rachael finally united between the stone walls of St. Cleer parish church, an ancient and historical building first established over 1300 years ago; its walls stood witness to another chapter of history as our couple committed their vows.

With the ceremony over, Will and Rachael enjoyed a quiet moment among the church’s gardens; and we were able to capture some great photographs of the belltower, looming mightily nearly 100 feet above.  Finally it was time to move on, and the wedding party began the journey to the Lanhydrock Hotel and Golf Club.

The Hotel’s ample green spaces made a great opportunity to squeeze everyone onto one camera lens, and Will and Rachael took advantage of the views to capture some beautiful images set against the picturesque backdrop. Inside, the merriment continued as the wedding guests enjoyed the couple’s personal touch on the proceedings; Rachael’s love of puzzles manifested a wonderfully original puzzle guestbook, each guest filling a puzzle-piece.

As the final dances began, we took our leave of Will and Rachael; their wedding enjoyed fine weather, beautiful views, and a lively party – a lesson for us all.  We thank them for allowing us to be a part of their special day, and their happy wedding experience.

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  • September 15, 2014

I know that this post has nothing to do with photography, but I thought I would share with you guys what I’ve learnt over the last couple of days, just in case it can help you save a bit of time.  Now like a lot of photographers I’m a bit of a self confessed Apple Geek.  I’m not trying to say that they are better, or that everybody should work on a Apple (calm down Android fans, I see you ready to jump in), just that I love them and the way they work together.  And to be honest I think I own just about one of every type of device that they make.  So yes I was one of those geeky guys that stayed up late to watch the announcement live on my Apple TV and I went straight into my phone provider the next morning so that I could pre-preorder.

Let me start of by saying the my data allowance is important in my job, I occasionally have to tether to my phone in order to get photos to clients, so I need a large data allowance. So my requirements  were: the Plus, might as well have extra screen space (especially good when you need to show of photos,) 64gb (I’m not sure how anyone manages with only 16gb.) On any contract that would give me at least 4gb of usage per month.

I got a huge shock on Friday though when I got the contract prices from Three for the phones. .  My contract was going to jump from £38 per month for my iPhone 5 to £56 per month for plus, that’s a whopping 47% increase (if I’ve got my maths right.)  Now I don’t know about you guys, but for me that seemed like a huge increase, and that’s with an upfront payment of £99.  So I didn’t order a new phone of friday, I thought I would shop around and see what I could find.  O2 was the only provider offering a slightly better deal if I was willing to pay £209.99 pounds upfront they would have a monthly payment of just £48.  These where the best two options I could find.  So this is how they worked out.



£99 upfront

£56 per month x 24months

= £1443


£209.99 upfront

£48 per month x 24months

= £ 1361.99 so £81.01 cheaper

This still seemed crazy to me, I thought there must be a cheaper way to do this, and there is.


Buy the phone upfront, but that’s a lot of money  I hear you cry, I can’t afford £700 upfront. That’s okay, Apple have a financing option available through their website.  So I investigated that, and heres what I found. To buy the model that I wanted the iPhone 6 plus with 64gb through there website cost £699.

Here’s how it works out:

£0 up front

£33.53 x 24 months

= £804.72 (but you still need sim card I here you saying) Well since I want a lot of data I can get the Giffgaff sim only deal for £12 per month or Three have a sim only deal for £15 per month

= £288

Totalling: £1092.72 or £45.53 per month

or £269.27 cheaper than O2 and £350.28 cheaper than Three

And since I  still have a little cash left over that I was  saving to pay the upfront amount, I can pay it into the loan agreement on the phone. It won’t bring the monthly cost down but means I’ll finish paying it off sooner which means I’ll end up paying less interest and in the end less than the £804.72 for the phone.  Just to add a little side note, incase you’re worried about the loan application, it was really easy.  I was taken from the shopping cart on the Apple site to a Barclay’s loan site. It only took a few minutes to fill in and I got accepted straight away.  Apart from a little problem reading the contract on Safari, it was pretty painless.

In the past I always believed that phone providers subsidised the cost of the phone in order to get your business, it seems like that is a thing of the past.  I find it very interesting that the two companies with the cheapest prices where the last two to release their pricing for the new iPhone 6.  Three only late friday afternoon and O2 friday evening.  Where they waiting to see how much they could charge and still beat the competition … hmm.  So once again I’ve learnt the lesson that it pays to do your homework.


Don’t just take my word for it check it out at these links:

O2 iPhone 6 Plus contract prices –

Three iPhone 6 Plus contract Prices –

Apple Uk Shop –

Uswitch Sim only comparison –

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  • September 11, 2014

August sprung to a happy, if damp, start with Jason and Louise’s wedding in Grampound. Fortunately umbrellas were plentiful and the rain didn’t spoil the happy couple’s day, as the smiles and flower petals testify.

The small village of Grampound has a rich history drawing back to the 13th century and beyond; and the local parish church of St. Crida stood a fitting venue as Jason and Louise began their own history among family and friends. Unfortunately as the service ended the weather worsened and rain threatened to undermine the celebrations – but Ben Photography is never unprepared, and our ivory parasols (and manlier black umbrellas) soon justified their existence once again.

With the rain pouring outside, we moved back into the church and managed to capture some lovely shots of the couple against the beautiful backdrop of the empty aisles and stained-glass – a rare opportunity, and a break amidst the chaos of the day.

After the wedding, the party moved to the reception at the Falmouth Hotel, overlooking the Falmouth Bay and the deepest natural harbour in Western Europe. Unfazed by the grey skies, the newlyweds took to the sand after dinner, framed by the waves and the distant figure of Pendennis castle.

We had the pleasure of following Jason and Louise from the morning preparation to the first dance, sharing with their loved ones their special day and helping mark every moment. As they proved, a wet day doesn’t have to mean a ruined wedding. With some flexibility, you can have a wedding experience as individual and memorable as you are.

We wish Jason and Louise every success for the future, and thank them for letting us be part of their beautiful day.



Dress and veil by Bride! of Penzance

Flowers by Rachel; you can find her at

Cake by Harriet Barrow Cakes

To find a church in Cornwall that works for you, consider the Church of England register

For more information on the history of Grampound, Falmouth and Cornwall through the ages, be sure to visit the Cornwall Heritage Trust


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  • March 10, 2014

 you’re planning a wedding and haven’t got your hands on the best wedding magazine in Cornwall then make sure that you get yourself the latest winter issue of Wed Magazine.  Okay, I might be a little bit biased as I get to do some photography for the magazine, but it really is a top class magazine. BPS-9030 In my opinion, the best one around.



I’ve been lucky enough to work with Wed Magazine for the last couple of years.  They are a great team dedicated to the wedding industry here in Cornwall, promoting only the best local suppliers and produce. For the latest issue, I got to work with the very talented Elle from Inspire Hire.  Elle hires out loads of different wedding accessories, to help couples get the exact look they’re after for their wedding.  So she’s probably one of the best people to help with the styling of a photo shoot.

The theme of the shoot was, of course, winter weddings to go with the season.  We got to play with fake snow and had great fun setting up a pretend proposal, using one of Elle’s recent brides, Ali, as a last minute model not to mention the beautiful husky dog, Stig.  With winter weddings becoming more and more popular over the last few years. We wanted the photographs to show that winter themed wedding can have a charm all of its own.  We used lots of whites and soft colours, mixed in with natural materials and textures to give it an authentic feel.  Winter can be a wonderful time of the year to get married, especially if you embrace the season like we have in these photos.



To find out more about Elle’s wonderful wedding accessories check out here website here.

Ali’s beautiful wedding dress was supplied by Vu’s Bridal

The wedding stationery was by the very talented Charlie Scribble

The beautiful wedding cake was by Cupcakemama

And for more great wedding ideas check out Wed Magazine

And to see some of my Cornish wedding photography have a look here



Wed Show Trereife
Another thing to note is Wed’s Wedding fair that is happening Sunday 6th April at Trereife House in Penzance.  This is largest and busiest wedding fair of the year, where you’ll be able to meet all of the best wedding suppliers in the county.  Again, I might be a little bit biased as I make sure that I’m always there.  So, if you’re in the planning phase of your wedding, it’s a great place to get ideas for your wedding.

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  • March 3, 2014

Occasionally I photograph weddings outside of Cornwall, and it’s always fun to see new places.  And sometimes friends ask me to photograph their wedding for them, which is always extra special as I know the couple so well, and besides my wife says that I’m a terrible wedding guest.  So I really enjoyed getting to photograph my good friends’ Iain & Jenny in their home town of Lewes, just outside of Brighton.  Lewes is a beautiful part of the country, and the small village where the ceremony was held is more of a large farm community.  It holds extra significance for Jenny as it is where she grew up and just a little way away from where Iain had lived.

Vintage themed weddings are very popular at the moment, but if you want to see one done really well then look no further.  Iain and Jenny pulled out all the stops to not only make it look vintage, but to give it a real chilled summer picnic feel.  They held the ceremony in the beautiful flintstone village church, that both sides of the family had spent most of the previous day decorating with hundreds and hundreds of wild flowers.  Apparently both had been growing flowers especially for the wedding.  It not only made the church look stunning, but filled the church with the wonderful scent of wild flowers.

For the reception Iain & Jenny had set up a marquee outside of the church, and had decorated it beautifully with wild flowers and and many little vintage themed items.  One of the really special touches was  all the bunting, all of the girls at the bridal shower had spent the evening making the bunting for the wedding, which gave it a little extra meaning.  Rather than have a formal sit down meal, Iain and Jenny opted for a more picnic feel by having wicker baskets of food that got shared out amongst the people.  This worked really well to break the ice and it really felt quite festive.

The evening rounded off the celebration beautifully with a folk band playing great music in the church hall, and a fireworks display by Iain’s father and brother.  It was great to be part of Iain & Jenny’s wedding day, I wish them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing them again soon.

To see some of the photographs that I have taken at Cornish Weddings click here.



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  • February 25, 2014

It was great to be part of Greg and Hannah’s amazing wedding day.  They had their ceremony in the stunningly picturesque setting of Pendennis Castle in Falmouth.  Pendennis castle is one of my favourite venues to shoot at.  It’s a 16th Century Castle built by Henry VIII with sweeping views of Falmouth harbour all the way round to Gyllynvase beach.  It has everything that a photographer like me goes crazy for.  Beautiful sea views. Lovely old architecture with massive granite stones that have loads of texture to use as backdrops. To top it all of it has a rustic little hall for the wedding ceremony, that is only lit by lanterns and candle light, giving the ceremony a wonderful vintage feel.  Greg and Hannah also decorated it beautifully with fresh flowers and candle displays resting on old wooden barrels, to give that authentic feel.

Their ceremony was a lovely balance of lighthearted moments with some wonderful readings done by their parents and tenderhearted ones that left very few dry eyes in the castle. After the ceremony everyone enjoyed the sunshine on the lawn with drinks, this gave the guests a chance to appreciate the views and me a chance to shoot some of the guests, only with my camera of course.

We then got to one of the parts of  the wedding that I enjoy the most, the photos of just the couple.  With such a beautiful setting I could have quite happily photographed them all day long, taking advantage of the wonderful views and beautiful old building.  It must be one of the best jobs in the world to get to spend time with people on one of their most important days, and get to witness their love for each other.

After the ceremony Greg and Hannah headed back to Hannah’s parents house, where they had set up a marquee in the field next door.  What I really enjoyed about this wedding was how much consideration they had given to giving their guests things to do at the marquee.  There were all kinds of outside games, from giant Jenga to table tennis and there was even a very lively game of footie that kicked of in the evening.  It really help the atmosphere of the wedding to be festive and fun.  As a photographer we are always looking for photographs of people having a good time and laughing, and there was no shortage of that at this wedding.

I feel really privileged to have been able to be a part of Greg & Hannah’s day, and wish them all the best for the future.

For more info on one of the best cornish wedding venues, Pendennis Castle Click here

For more info on wedding photographers in Cornwall check our about us page here

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  • August 20, 2013

Had a great time in the studio this week shooting with the very talented model: Tiffany Kate. I’ve worked with Tiff on a few occasions and have always got great results. The inspiration for this shoot was to blend high fashion style of photography with the dark gothic style that Tiff generally tends to shoot.

If you would like a shoot in the studio, why not get in touch. You don’t have to be a model to look great in front of the camera. We can arrange Hair and Make-up artists to make you look your best, let us make you feel like a movie star, and get some incredible photos in the mean time.



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  • July 22, 2013

Cornwall Wedding Photography

Cornwall wedding photography

At Ben Photography we understand how important your Cornwall wedding photography is to you. That’s why we will go out of the way to give you quality services. We are a reputable photography company with many years of work experience. We have been in this business for many years providing our customers with exceptional wedding photography coverage. So if you are planning to spend your honeymoon at Cornwall, we can help you to capture images that will remind you of the quality time you had during your honeymoon. Our wedding photography services are tailored to individual’s wedding photography requirements. We will sit down with you to discuss the project. This will help us to understand your preferences so that we can devise ways to give you quality services.

Why Ben Photography?

Another important reason why you should consider our photography services is that we always provide you with the exact kind of photos you want. Once you have shared your preferences with us, we will find a way to create a personalized wedding photography package that matches your desires. We also allow our customers to cut back on their expenses by giving them the most reasonable quotes. This means that you will get high-quality wedding photographs without breaking your bank account. With the current economic slowdown, it is important to reduce your spending. Fortunately, we will allow you to do so without sacrificing your happiness. We will help you to capture the memories of your wedding at a reasonable cost. Another important aspect of our services that you need to understand is the fact that we offer a wide range of photography services including full day services, photo sessions, and more. So if you are looking for qualified photographers to cover the entire wedding ceremony, you should contact us. We are known to offer the most reliable Cornwall wedding photography services.

Our main aim is to provide you with the best quality photos so that you are able to tell the right story of the entire event. We have a great team of highly qualified photographers who understand how each wedding event should be filmed. They are also very keen. Therefore no single detail of your wedding ceremony will be missed. We can also provide you with enough photographers to cover different aspects of your wedding. Another benefit of hiring our Cornwall wedding photography services is that you are assured of working with individuals who have extensive experience in this kind of task.

Customer Satisfaction

We always want you to enjoy peace of mind knowing that your photography services are in good hands. It is also important to note that we have the latest photography technologies to cover your wedding. These technologies enable us to handle complex Cornwall wedding photography tasks with ease and accuracy. Also, it is through these technologies that we always guarantee our customers consistent services. We have built a very strong relationship with our customers, which we wouldn’t like to break. That’s why we always keep the needs of our customers at the top of our agenda.

Here is a usefull wedding venue list.

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