Iain & Jenny’s vintage wedding in Lewes

Iain & Jenny’s vintage wedding in Lewes

  • March 3, 2014

Occasionally I photograph weddings outside of Cornwall, and it’s always fun to see new places.  And sometimes friends ask me to photograph their wedding for them, which is always extra special as I know the couple so well, and besides my wife says that I’m a terrible wedding guest.  So I really enjoyed getting to photograph my good friends’ Iain & Jenny in their home town of Lewes, just outside of Brighton.  Lewes is a beautiful part of the country, and the small village where the ceremony was held is more of a large farm community.  It holds extra significance for Jenny as it is where she grew up and just a little way away from where Iain had lived.

Vintage themed weddings are very popular at the moment, but if you want to see one done really well then look no further.  Iain and Jenny pulled out all the stops to not only make it look vintage, but to give it a real chilled summer picnic feel.  They held the ceremony in the beautiful flintstone village church, that both sides of the family had spent most of the previous day decorating with hundreds and hundreds of wild flowers.  Apparently both had been growing flowers especially for the wedding.  It not only made the church look stunning, but filled the church with the wonderful scent of wild flowers.

For the reception Iain & Jenny had set up a marquee outside of the church, and had decorated it beautifully with wild flowers and and many little vintage themed items.  One of the really special touches was  all the bunting, all of the girls at the bridal shower had spent the evening making the bunting for the wedding, which gave it a little extra meaning.  Rather than have a formal sit down meal, Iain and Jenny opted for a more picnic feel by having wicker baskets of food that got shared out amongst the people.  This worked really well to break the ice and it really felt quite festive.

The evening rounded off the celebration beautifully with a folk band playing great music in the church hall, and a fireworks display by Iain’s father and brother.  It was great to be part of Iain & Jenny’s wedding day, I wish them all the best for the future and look forward to seeing them again soon.

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