iPhone 6 for the best deal

iPhone 6 for the best deal

  • September 15, 2014

I know that this post has nothing to do with photography, but I thought I would share with you guys what I’ve learnt over the last couple of days, just in case it can help you save a bit of time.  Now like a lot of photographers I’m a bit of a self confessed Apple Geek.  I’m not trying to say that they are better, or that everybody should work on a Apple (calm down Android fans, I see you ready to jump in), just that I love them and the way they work together.  And to be honest I think I own just about one of every type of device that they make.  So yes I was one of those geeky guys that stayed up late to watch the announcement live on my Apple TV and I went straight into my phone provider the next morning so that I could pre-preorder.

Let me start of by saying the my data allowance is important in my job, I occasionally have to tether to my phone in order to get photos to clients, so I need a large data allowance. So my requirements  were: the Plus, might as well have extra screen space (especially good when you need to show of photos,) 64gb (I’m not sure how anyone manages with only 16gb.) On any contract that would give me at least 4gb of usage per month.

I got a huge shock on Friday though when I got the contract prices from Three for the phones. .  My contract was going to jump from £38 per month for my iPhone 5 to £56 per month for plus, that’s a whopping 47% increase (if I’ve got my maths right.)  Now I don’t know about you guys, but for me that seemed like a huge increase, and that’s with an upfront payment of £99.  So I didn’t order a new phone of friday, I thought I would shop around and see what I could find.  O2 was the only provider offering a slightly better deal if I was willing to pay £209.99 pounds upfront they would have a monthly payment of just £48.  These where the best two options I could find.  So this is how they worked out.



£99 upfront

£56 per month x 24months

= £1443


£209.99 upfront

£48 per month x 24months

= £ 1361.99 so £81.01 cheaper

This still seemed crazy to me, I thought there must be a cheaper way to do this, and there is.


Buy the phone upfront, but that’s a lot of money  I hear you cry, I can’t afford £700 upfront. That’s okay, Apple have a financing option available through their website.  So I investigated that, and heres what I found. To buy the model that I wanted the iPhone 6 plus with 64gb through there website cost £699.

Here’s how it works out:

£0 up front

£33.53 x 24 months

= £804.72 (but you still need sim card I here you saying) Well since I want a lot of data I can get the Giffgaff sim only deal for £12 per month or Three have a sim only deal for £15 per month

= £288

Totalling: £1092.72 or £45.53 per month

or £269.27 cheaper than O2 and £350.28 cheaper than Three

And since I  still have a little cash left over that I was  saving to pay the upfront amount, I can pay it into the loan agreement on the phone. It won’t bring the monthly cost down but means I’ll finish paying it off sooner which means I’ll end up paying less interest and in the end less than the £804.72 for the phone.  Just to add a little side note, incase you’re worried about the loan application, it was really easy.  I was taken from the shopping cart on the Apple site to a Barclay’s loan site. It only took a few minutes to fill in and I got accepted straight away.  Apart from a little problem reading the contract on Safari, it was pretty painless.

In the past I always believed that phone providers subsidised the cost of the phone in order to get your business, it seems like that is a thing of the past.  I find it very interesting that the two companies with the cheapest prices where the last two to release their pricing for the new iPhone 6.  Three only late friday afternoon and O2 friday evening.  Where they waiting to see how much they could charge and still beat the competition … hmm.  So once again I’ve learnt the lesson that it pays to do your homework.


Don’t just take my word for it check it out at these links:

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